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Cloud Website Hosting Services with a 30-Day Free Trial

With the cloud website hosting packages provided by Hostingjl, you get a dependable service, plus more than enough storage space and bandwidth. Moreover, we will give you a 99.9% uptime guarantee. With each cloud web hosting package, you’ll get a free domain. Also, your cloud web hosting account will be backed up by our system automatically.

The Hosting Control Panel that we’ll provide you with is loaded with tools that will dramatically facilitate your work when it comes to administering active sites and setting up new ones. Our fully scalable cloud hosting platform gives you the freedom to select any plan and any web hosting service you want. Last, but positively not least – you can always rely on our 24x7 support team, which typically answers back within just thirty minutes, although our officially guaranteed helpdesk ticket response time is one hour.

Cloud Website Hosting Services with a 30-Day Free Trial

Exclusive Domain Registration Prices

We’ve always aimed to deliver the cheapest possible domain registration prices. By entering into agreements with the domain registries themselves, instead of using the services of resellers, we are able to offer advantageous domain name registration prices for more than 50 different universal and country–specific top–level domain names.

With each of our cloud website hosting packages, you will get a domain registration option for free. On the other hand, if you already own a domain name, you can transfer it over to your web hosting account and get one free year added to the expiration date. The domain will remain free for as long as your account with us is active.

Exclusive Domain Registration Prices

A user–friendly Hosting Control Panel

Even if you’ve got the most brilliant idea for a site, if you do not have the right tools, it will remain unaccomplished. The aim of our Hosting Control Panel is to provide you with all the tools you need to swiftly convert the idea in your brain into a completely operational and regularly visited website.

You will have the ability to securely upload files by simply dragging them into your browser thanks to our File Manager. You’ll have a security layer added to your web site momentarily with ModSecurity. You’ll be able to increase your website’s loading speed using our Web Accelerator Tools.

Installing a new application online will be as easy as pie with our Application Installer tool. Kicking off a web site will take just a few easy steps using the Simple Site Installer. Also, you can make use of 800+ cost free web templates, which you can quickly install on your brand new site. This is just a portion of the site setup and administration tools featured in the Hosting Control Panel..

A user–friendly Hosting Control Panel

A ton of free bonus features

All the hosting services that we provide are designed to answer all your online demands. To manage any of our cloud website hosting plans and Linux semi-dedicated hosting services, you can rely upon our intuitive Hosting Control Panel. It is jam–packed with precious bonus features, including a Application Installer tool, a point & click Site Creating Tool, an Simple Site Installer, a Framework Installer, along with 100’s of 100% customizable cost free web templates.

To easily manage the VPS hosting and dedicated web hosting that we’re offering, you will be given access to our Hosting Control Panel and all the bonuses that come with it. A dedicated IP address, billing software and a domain name reseller account will also be offered free of cost.

A ton of free bonus features

Choose your data center

To guarantee the best possible browsing experience for your website visitors, you need to find the ideal location for your websites. Having taken this into account, we offer data center facilities on three different continents. This allows you to pick the facility that’s closest to your target visitors so that you can offer them the very best web site loading speeds.

If your clients come from the United States of America, you can select our USA Cloud Website Hosting option – our Chicago data center facility. If you’ll target clients from Britain or Europe, then choose our United Kingdom Cloud Website Hosting option – our data center outside London is what you really need. If you would like establish your brand on the Russian market or on the markets in Northern Europe, check out our data center in Finland. in case your website vistors originate from Eastern Europe, check out our Eastern Europe data center in Sofia, Bulgaria. And if your customers live in Australia or Asia, then try out our Australia Cloud Website Hosting services in our Sydney data center facility.

No matter which data center you choose, you will get a 99.9% uptime guarantee with all our cloud hosting packages.

A risk–free hosting service

To top it all off, our hosting service is entirely risk–free. We offer a 99.9% server uptime guarantee, which means that your sites will be up and running no matter what happens with our web hosting servers. And in case you’ve got any inquiries, our help desk support staff is at your service 24x7 and the guaranteed support ticket response time is less than one hour. In case you’re disappointed with our cloud web hosting service for some reason, you’ll get a reimbursement. We offer a 30–day money–back guarantee.

A risk–free hosting service
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  • Install more than forty widely used web apps with no configuration needed, right from your Hosting Control Panel.

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