Perl is a popular programming language and one of its key pros is the fact that it works with the so-called modules - short bits of program code that include subroutines and do numerous tasks. The convenient side of working with modules is that you won't have to write custom code or add the whole code for a given process each time it needs to be performed. Alternatively, you will be able to add just one line in your Perl script which calls a particular module, which in turn will perform the needed action. Not only will this lead to shorter and optimized scripts, but it will allow you to make changes swifter and easier. In case you aren't a programmer, yet you'd like to employ a Perl app that you've found on the web, for example, it is very likely that the application will require some modules to be already set up on your website hosting server.

Over 3400 Perl Modules in Cloud Website Hosting

Over 3400 Perl modules are accessible when you buy any of our cloud website hosting services. You will be able to employ as many as you will need and we have made sure that we have all the well-known ones, as well as a lot more that might not be used as much, but might be a requirement for some third-party web application that you need to use or for a custom script in order to work efficiently. LWP, URI, GD, CGI::Session and Image::Magick are only a few examples of the modules you'll be able to access. You're able to see the full list inside your Hepsia hosting Control Panel along with the path that you need to set within your scripts, so that they can use the module library. With our shared packages, you will be able to employ any type of Perl-based script without any limitations.

Over 3400 Perl Modules in Semi-dedicated Hosting

With over 3400 Perl modules pre-installed on our cloud website hosting platform, you'll be able to run any kind of script application developed in this programming language without a problem whatever the semi-dedicated server package that you choose. The aforementioned applies for both pre-made apps which you get online and for in-house made ones which you develop. We provide such a multitude of modules for two reasons - first of all, to give you different options in respect to what kind of characteristics you're able to add to your applications and websites and secondly, to make sure that when you would like to use a ready script, it'll run properly whatever the modules it requires. Because of this, many of the modules inside our library are very popular while others are used rarely. You'll find a list of all of the modules in your website hosting Control Panel together with the access path that your scripts need so as to use the modules.